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Privacy Policy ensures and respects the privacy of users.

Privacy Policy

The team of Roulette Checkmate and created this website to offer the best services to their members.

The web site is simple and friendly to use to meet the needs of each user / customer.

To better serve you, it is important that you, our customer, to understand that you must provide specific information concerning the processing of your order, which are preserved by us.

This Privacy Statement and the Terms and Conditions of Use of this site describe the method of collecting data from the website, the use of such data by us and the terms and conditions of use of this website.

By using the pages of our servers keep an activity log unique to each user that collects certain administrative and traffic information including: source IP address, time of access, date of access, web page (s) visited, language use, software crash reports and type of browser. This information is necessary to provide and ensure the high quality of our services. We do not collect personally identifiable information about you without let you know about it. This information is stored on our servers, which are located in Germany and occasionally in other locations.

This Privacy Statement relates solely to personal data that you provide to us during registration and duration of your orders on this website.

The information you have provided voluntarily by users of our website, used by the so users have direct and effective communication, service and processing orders.

The information gathered by through the website are designed to measure the number of traffic, determine customer requirements for more products and facilitate transactions. do not distribute to any other organization or partner not associated with e-mail addresses or any other information concerning users and customers.