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Tips and Hints

We present you a number of important key points when playing roulette in online casinos generally or when using Roulette Checkmate software.

General Tips and Hints
  • Check the CREDIBILITY of the online casino you try to play roulette. That look on the internet if it is blacklisted for various reasons or because they do not pay their players when they win.

  • The online casino should have a CERTIFICATE for software Random Number Generator (RNG)-generation of random numbers-to be truly random production numbers and the game of roulette law. This certificate must be issued by the Technical Systems Testing (TST), which is the most famous company in the world or another valid known company.

  • It is very important that the online casinos have a HIGH PERCENTAGE PAYOUT, which means how much money from the betting returns to the online casino players. The larger payout presents the casino, the more chances of winning. Get informed about the best payouts online casinos. For example there is casino payout 98,95%!

  • There are many ways of providing bonus from online casinos. From multiplying the original amount of your deposit or the first N deposits to give you free money to play and at the end you can keep the earnings. In any case you should carefully read the TERMS OF USE BONUS because sometimes provided only for specific games except roulette. Also if you use these bonuses casinos push you to bet N times the money in games to gain the ability to withdraw money.

Specialized Tips and Hints For Roulette Checkmate

You may contact directly "Live Support" and keep informed about the most recent performance of Roulette Checkmate software in various online casinos (based on information provided by members).

Every time you start a new game session in roulette you have to check if the algorithms between the casino and Roulette Checkmate software are synchronized. You must test 1-2 times by using Roulette Checkmate software without placing any bets but checking if any of the proposed winning numbers by the software will come in the next spins. You may continue playing only when those 1-2 tests turn to be wins and then you can start placing bets with real money.

    Closely follow and disciplined the following rules:
  1. Will never exceed 1 hour/day continuous play roulette at the same online casino, even if you win consistently and/or big cash.
  2. Will stop immediately if two (2) consecutive failures happened because then the casino software will change the way it operates (the algorithms) and random number generating and the game would have been unfair. You can try playing at the same online casino after 24 hours. That's why we suggest having various accounts in several online casinos.
  3. It has been observed and reported by many of our members that after players' withdrawal profits requests, many casinos "lead" those players in defeats and waste of money in their next few games. For this reason we recommend to leave at least 1-2 weeks, right after making a withdrawal request of profits before playing again in the same casino.
  4. Do not increase a lot your stakes in the same game session in a casino. I.e. if you start with 1 euro/number then you place bets of 5 euros/number. Up to 2x times are permissible.
  5. It's not allowed in Roulette Checkmate-2, Roulette Checkmate-3, Roulette Checkmate-6 to enter as repeated number, the number zero (0).