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The team Roulette Checkmate consists of people who have studied computer science and mathematics with great experience and projects in its portfolio.

In 2011 began the occupation with the online casino and specifically with the game of roulette. After one (1) year of study, analysis, research, development and millions tests of casinos using various software-platforms implemented the first generation (Autumn 2012) of Roulette Checkmate products, Roulette Checkmate-3 (RC-3), Roulette Checkmate-6 (RC-6) and Roulette Checkmate-8 (RC-8).

After the great success of these products, we responded to the increased demands of our members and created a new product line (Spring 2013), Roulette Checkmate-2 (RC-2), Roulette Checkmate-L (RC-L) and Roulette Checkmate-M (RC-M).

On 2014 we are presenting the third generation products starting with Roulette Checkmate-N1 (RC-N1). We also developed the innovative SMS service where by sending a simple SMS text message by your mobile phone with the last six (6) numbers in roulette you receive an instant SMS text message with three (3) proposed winning numbers.

Along with the upgrades of existing products and the reliable support of our members, we are moving rapidly into research and development of new applications to continue to pioneer.

By using Roulette Checkmate software, users are multiplying their chances of winning at roulette in online casinos, live dealer casinos and land based casinos. Also, the user-interface of Roulette Checkmate software is very simple, friendly and easy to use even by novice users of the Internet.

It is better to watch the video presentations and learn about the features, the operation and how you can use Roulette Checkmate products.

The Roulette Checkmate team wishes you all the best, have fun and gain great profits playing roulette !